The Sola Company

How The Sola Company gained shelf space at 400 more Walmart locations by driving more shoppers to stores.
The Sola Company, known for its tasty low-carb Keto friendly foods, used GroundTruth’s Ads Manager platform to drive lapsed Walmart shoppers and Walmart shoppers in danger of lapsing to the nearest Walmart store that carried Sola products. The impressive results caught the retailer’s attention, incentivizing Walmart to add Sola products on shelves in 400 more locations.

Real-World Solutions

Audience Targeting made it possible for Sola to identify and communicate with over 118k customers. One approach targeted shoppers who matched the psychographics of keto enthusiasts. A second approach concentrated on a custom audience segment of shoppers who hadn’t visited a Walmart location between 30 and 90 days from the date of the campaign. Sola then layered a custom list of ZIP codes to set additional location filters so that the ads were only served in areas near Walmarts that carried Sola products.

This strategic use of GroundTruth’s targeting capabilities drove close to 1k lapsed Walmart customers to stores, which accounted for 38% of the total visits attributed to the campaign. Tactics targeting current customers resulted in 1,172 visits, or 45% of the campaign’s total in-store visits.

Mobile Landing Pages, a customizable and dynamic creative solution for GroundTruth clients, made it easy for these keto enthusiasts to understand that their local Walmart carried Sola products thanks to enticing creative images that put the location of the store front and center, complete with address, directions, and a map. This effective, yet simple messaging stuck in the minds of Sola’s audience. Most visits took place anywhere from one day to two weeks after viewing the ad, with a peak in performance at one week.

Real Business Results​

Sola demonstrated the power of its brand to Walmart, thanks to GroundTruth’s hyper-focused Audience and Location Targeting solutions. Their month-long campaign resulted in 7.4k visits to Walmart stores. But quantity was only part of the success. Sola connected with customers who normally did not shop at Walmart, by letting them know that they could find food that supported an important part of their lifestyle. As a result, Sola drove over 3k new shoppers to Walmart stores. The majority of those visits happened between one day to two weeks after viewing the ad. Sola’s ability to reach their key audiences and drive them to Walmart retail locations to make their purchase incentivized the big-box giant to add Sola products on shelves in 400 additional Walmart stores.

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Drove 45% of the campaign’s total in-store visits

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