Top 3 Things to Consider for your Political Cause Media Campaign this Election Year

Every election year presents its own unique set of challenges for agencies eager to connect with voters.

Every election year presents its own unique set of challenges for agencies eager to connect with voters. This one is no exception. According to Digiday, there’s “nothing typical about this year’s political ad market,” or the way Trump and Biden’s campaigns are approaching advertising.

The disruption associated with the pandemic is impacting political marketing in a number of ways. For example, traditional door-to-door campaigning becomes unviable when volunteers must follow social distancing guidelines. Many in-person fundraising events have had to be reimagined as well.

This requires that marketers take a more innovative approach this election year. To reach voters in the moments that matter most, consider how and where they’re spending their time, and embrace the technologies best equipped to help you reach them.

Keep it Local

Apart from the presidential and congressional elections this year, voters will be thinking about local issues and offices prior to being presented with their ballot. To ensure voters are aware of the key initiatives that require their attention, consider leveraging GroundTruth’s BlueprintsTM, our proprietary mapping technology.

With this patented technology, all 435 Congressional Districts have been Blueprinted and will be available in your Self-Service account for mobile targeting purposes. In addition, all Upper and Lower House Districts in all 50 states (over 6,000 in total) have been Blueprinted and are available for targeting.

Adapt to the Times

Not only is COVID-19 preventing campaign volunteers from going door-to-door, but it has led some voters to shelter-in-place away from their primary residences. Marketers must therefore devise new methods of connecting with them.

You’ll find digital media at the top of that list. “The money typically used to support this ‘boots on the ground’ campaigning is being shifted to media spending,” Martha Matthews, SVP and group director of local activation for Dentsu Aegis Network, told Digiday. She notes that spending could be even higher than usual this year.

In part, that’s because digital and mobile advertising allows you to overcome physical barriers while still delivering relevant information to potential voters. By tapping into GroundTruth’s audiences, you can reach voters on their devices without putting volunteers or the voters themselves at risk.

Do More With Digital

In fact, mobile media is poised to be one of the most effective ways to reach voters this year. eMarketer reports that US adults are expected to spend 23 additional minutes per day on their smartphones this year. Consumers are spending less time socializing in person, and fewer commitments means more time for digital media. From 2018 to 2020, political ad spend on digital channels is expected to more than double to reach $1.82 billion.

While digital is still trailing behind broadcast, this shift highlights a marketing opportunity to reach and inform voters. With GroundTruth’s Ad Manager, marketers can reach these individuals with Mobile, Desktop, and CTV all within a single, self-serve platform. GroundTruth undergoes an annual 3rd party validation of accuracy, and there’s no minimum spend or fees associated with our platform.

2020 has interrupted business as usual and the way consumers live their lives, so a fresh approach to political marketing is a must. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get your campaign off the ground before election day.