How To Properly Winterize Your 2023 Ad Campaign

Read our tips for preparing a weather-responsive ad campaign strategy. Target the right customers & easily winterize your adverts. Read more.
As we enjoy the traditions of Fall - pumpkin patches, the changing leaves, apple cider, fall sports, and more, marketers should also be thinking about how upcoming weather conditions will impact the future performance of their advertising. All marketers need to have a weather-responsive advertising strategy in place as we move from fall to winter, and it can start with a simple “temperature check”:

The Fall to Winter Temperature Check

  • Review your creative. Are you sharing content, and images, that dovetail with the weather outside?
  • Audiences shift behaviors as the weather changes. Assess your targeting and make refinements.
  • Know how weather affects your campaign goals. Inclement weather reduces store traffic and drives more online research. Adjust your primary goals to accommodate likely audience behavior.
Once you’ve checked your creative, audience targeting, and campaign goals, it’s time to consider how to leverage digital media to stay ahead of the competition. Having a media strategy that aligns to real-world behavior is your best bet to “winterizing” your ad budget.

Top 3 Considerations When Winterizing Your Ad Strategy


Your audience will be indoors more

Fluctuations in weather conditions can turn even the hardiest of outdoor shoppers into homebodies. Cold, rain, or snowy conditions tend to keep most of us indoors where we, in turn, increase our screen time.

To reach your audience during fall and winter, you’ll have to look for them indoors where they’re likely to be consuming video content on connected TVs, tablets, desktops and mobile devices. Placing your targeted ads in video content increases your exposure, and improves brand awareness.


Measure everything based on seasonal consumer behavior

In-store traffic is the lifeblood of many businesses. But when the weather changes, it helps to use digital ads to promote online behavior first. Securing and measuring website traffic through relevant, targeted ads can lead to measurable in store traffic, no matter what the weather is like outside.


Make sure weather triggers are set to the right conditions

Having weather triggers in your digital campaign is key to eliminating wasted impressions, while ensuring better campaign performance overall. The ability to adjust your ad impressions before, during, or after weather events gives you control over when and where to optimize impressions, based on how your business operates.

Wasted impressions should be a thing of the past by now, yet marketers continue to run campaigns during weather conditions that simply cannot produce the result they need. Marketers should be focusing their impressions on the weather conditions that meet their business goals.

Make sure your business is ready to go with a fully winterized digital advertising strategy, and be in position to succeed no matter what the weather looks like outside! Have any questions about weather targeting and CTV advertising? Feel free to reach out to us here. This article was updated for 2022-2023. The original version was also published on Ad Exchanger in October 2021.