Reach Car Buyers Who are in the Market

Take audience targeting to the next level by reaching in market automotive buyers at the right moment.

proximity targeting

Target potential customers based on how often they visit their usual retailers, as well as places they have visited in the past.

custom audiences

Build tailored audience segments using visitation data, behavioral attributes, demographic details, purchase information, CRM, and direct mail lists that we convert into mobile IDs.

behavioral audiences

Target audiences based on a combination of visitation patterns and demographic data to boost awareness.

on premise targeting

Remind car buyers about the car or other complementary items while they’re in a store, on-lot or retail block. Dynamically turn media on or off based solely on product availability at nearby locations.


Use GroundTruth location targeting to identify residential areas frequented by your target audiences. Discover places you hadn’t considered before.

Reach Your Audience on Multiple Devices…

GroundTruth makes it easy to run integrated cross-device marketing campaigns through a single platform.

Reach high-intent customers with display ads on their computers, mobile or tablets, or Connected TV devices.

…across Top Online Publishers

We deliver your ads on web inventory that has been manually curated for brand safety.

  • Premium Inventory
  • Brand Safety and Fraud Prevention Solutions
  • Block Lists, Monitoring and Blocking Tags to Manage Brand Safety

Results That Matter to You

Measure the performance of your campaigns and optimize in real-time based on how users are responding to your display ads.

Impressions Reach

View-Through and Click Through Online Conversion Tracking

Video Quartiles (Quartiles Reporting, Video Completion Rate)

Dealership Visits, Visitation Rate, Dealership Visitation Lift

Case Studies

Auto Dealer Group

This auto dealer group used GroundTruth tactical strategies to drive a high volume of visits, while also maintaining an effective cost per visit.

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