GroundTruth Partners with Alpha Media in Driving On-Lot Visits to Sharp Auto

Discover how Alpha Media leveraged GroundTruth's media platform and location-based targeting tactics to assist Sharp Auto in boosting foot traffic and achieving an effective cost per visit for the auto dealership.
Sharp Auto, a loyal client of Alpha Media, aimed to increase on-lot visits to their auto dealer location. Through collaboration with GroundTruth, Alpha Media deployed innovative and dynamic mobile pre-roll video ads and geofencing targeting tactics to reach consumers in-market for auto.

Real-World Solutions

Noticing a trend of consumers upgrading RVs and older trucks, Sharp Auto and Alpha Media leveraged GroundTruth’s media platform to drive visits and clicks with strategic, dynamic video ads.

Research shows that 40% of car shoppers discover new vehicles they previously weren’t considering due to video marketing, with the average automotive shopper spending 33% of their research time on mobile devices. These statistics, combined with a notable surge in visits and clicks throughout the campaign time period, underscore the effectiveness of GroundTruth and Alpha Media’s strategies in the automotive industry.

Tactical Strategies

Sharp Auto utilized GroundTruth’s location targeting tactics, including geofencing and retargeting, across dynamic mobile video ads to effectively reach in-market for auto consumers who were seen visiting competitor auto dealership locations.

Targeted auto shoppers who were seen displaying foot traffic visitation to a list of 22 different locations, camping sites, and boat dealers.
Engaged audiences who were previously exposed to Sharp Auto’s mobile video ads within the same campaign time period to create loyalty, strengthen brand positioning, and keep Sharp Auto top-of-mind for these prospective car buyers.
Dynamic mobile pre-roll video ads
Took advantage of creative and compelling video inventory without the high cost of entry of running CTV ads. Dynamic video ads work particularly well within the automotive industry to showcase exciting features of new vehicles.

Real Business Results

This campaign was extremely successful. In just over two months, 17 visits were driven with GroundTruth media. Dynamic mobile video ads had an outstanding click-through rate of 1.28%. This campaign was cost effective for Sharp Auto as well, with an average cost per visit of $24.68. When considering the average size of purchase once visits are driven to auto dealership lots, maintaining a low cost per visit is extremely important for auto dealerships.
Overall, this marketing approach demonstrated that auto dealers do not need huge creative capabilities. Rather, relying on dynamic video marketing on mobile devices, combined with GroundTruth’s geofencing and retargeting approaches, created the perfect formula for driving visits to Sharp Auto and subsequently increasing sales.
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