We’ll cut straight to the chase. Here are some key differentiators between various geofencing providers, and GroundTruth.

While many geofencing companies may claim to offer similar location targeting, GroundTruth is the only geotargeting provider that ensures:
  • Location signal accuracy through location verification.
  • Precise targeting and in-store visitation metrics (verified by 3rd party) using the accuracy of our proprietary Blueprints platform.

Comparison Chart

GroundTruth Other Geofencing Companies
Mapping Technology

Blueprints – The only mapping technology that accurately draws brands and POIs at 3 layers: In-store, on-lot, and retail area. We have 6 million Blueprints globally and see 30 billion visits annually.

Use Radial targeting or automated polygons. No team of people approving and modifying POI maps, so accuracy suffers.
Verified Visit Accuracy
  • Accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for our Place, Location, and Visitation datasets.
  • 99% accurate as verified by Numerator – We conduct an annual location accuracy audit of our foot traffic data and are the only location provider to be third-party validated for accuracy.

Data Quality

Robust, multi-step process to verify locations signals and visit data:

  • Patented Location Verification – filter inaccurate location signals.
  • Place Verification – match location signals to places using Blueprints.
  • Visit Verification – multi-step process to confirm the visit actually took place.

The above processes and methodology were accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) The accreditation validates our accuracy of place-based visits.

Limited process to filter fraudulent lat/long signals, but not as thorough for verifying visit accuracy.
  • Location Targeting – On-Premise, Neighborhood, Geo-Targeting.
  • Audience Targeting – Location-Based Audiences, Behavioral Audiences, Custom Audiences.
  • Weather Targeting – Reach consumers based on current or upcoming weather conditions.
No other geofencing company can offer all of these targeting tactics.
Media Channel

We can activate your campaigns across every major digital media channel within one seamless and easy-to-use platform.

  • Mobile/Tablet – Reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Desktop – Reach your audience at home or in the office.
  • CTV & OTT – Reach your audience over streaming content on the large screen.
  • Social – Connect with shoppers on social networks like Facebook/Meta and Instagram.
Most geofencing companies cannot offer self-serve omnichannel capabilities.
  • Managed: Work with our team of experienced location advertising professionals to set up and run campaigns.
  • Self Serve: Set up and run your own campaigns.
  • Programmatic: Run PMPs or work with GroundTruth external partners to run campaigns through DSPs.
Managed or Programmatic. Most geofencing marketing companies do not have a robust self-serve platform.
Pay for Performance
  • CPM – No minimum spend
  • Cost Per Visit: First to market to allow clients to pay only when a store visit occurs. Only location provider to allow CPV for self-serve users.
Most geofencing companies only offer campaigns on a CPM basis.
Creative Services
  • Upload custom creatives
  • Creative repository: allows all users to bulk manage creative assets.
  • Dynamic distance overlay: Dynamically populated text that indicates how far the user is from the nearest business location.
Most geofencing companies only offer campaigns on a CPM basis.

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