Beacon Advertising

Beacon Advertising

What is Beacon Advertising?

Beacon advertising is an advertising technique to target consumers based on their physical location. This is made possible by way of a small device, called a beacon, which runs on batteries and is installed in a physical location (e.g. a retail store countertop). These beacons then send out messages or advertisements to consumers mobile phones via Bluetooth. The radius of targeting can be specific to where the consumer is standing or widened out to a defined range. Beacon advertising can be used to move consumers through the whole conversion funnel, from placing a beacon outside a store to urge them to enter to providing a coupon as a user browses and providing one-click payment on their phone when the consumer is ready to pay.

Beacon advertising has its use cases still today, however, in general, the technology has been replaced by better, more effective solutions. Learn how GroundTruth’s location marketing platform is impacting the future of advertising.

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