Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology

What is Beacon Technology?

Beacons are small physical devices, which broadcast a radio signal that can be detected by smartphones. They work when a piece of code is added to mobile apps that enable Smartphone Bluetooth technology to detect a beacon’s specific signal. The app is programmed to seek out this signal when the device approaches associated locations. Using this technology lets store owners and others to gather data or to personalize, location-based ads to people who are in or near their premises. For example, if a potential customer is in an electronics store and the store has a special sale on computers, a beacon could be placed in the computers section alerting the customer of the sale on their mobile phone when they pass by the section.

There are many use cases for using beacon technology. However, beacon marketing is limited in its ability to scale, provide customization and it’s precision. Learn how GroundTruth’s location-based marketing solutions take beacon technology to the next level.

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