What is Geo-conquesting?

Geo-conquesting is a technique that uses location data to identify a brand’s competitors in an effort to promote a competing or competitive offering to their customers. This can be done in two ways:

  • Geofencing – The most popular form of geo-conquesting leverages the technique of geofencing to reach and engage consumers when they are in or around a target competitor location. At this point, an ad is served to the potential customer to try and persuade them to come to the advertisers business instead of the competitor. For example, if a potential customer is at a local restaurant, an ad may be served to the customer from a competing restaurant.
  • Mobile Location Data – Another form of geo-conquesting involves leveraging a mobile device’s past visitation history allowing marketers to reach consumers who have previously visited a competitive location. For example, if a customer stopped at a fast food restaurant for a meal, this customer may be served an ad for a competing fast food restaurant close to their location.

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