Marketing in a Recession 2023

Learn about marketing in a recession from our expert panel. What should your recession marketing strategy be for 2023? Watch the full webinar now.

2023 is right around the corner, but the world is still reeling from 2020. Now more than ever, you need to keep a pulse on evolving trends in order to create campaigns that drive meaningful revenue, so you know how to create a recession marketing strategy. That’s where GroundTruth comes in.

Watch our webinar replay to hear from experts on how 2023 advertising for a recession differs from past years and how you can use real-world behavior to drive real business results in a rapidly changing economy.

Learn from our experts about:

  • 3 tactics successful companies do to market during a recession
  • Client success stories
  • How to approach a 2023 marketing strategy

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Watch the full replay and learn how to market successfully during a recession.

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