4 Questions to Ask Your Location-Based Advertising Company

Make sure you’re asking your location-based advertising company the right questions. Learn about the GroundTruth advantage as a location-data company.

Are You Asking Your Location Marketing Provider the Right Questions?

how to choose a location-based advertising company

Location data can be an important tool for marketers. It can help reach your customers in real-time, identify audience segments that are important to your business, and even measure the impact of digital and traditional media on store visits and sales.

How To Choose a Location-Based Advertising Company

There are several companies that offer location data, so it’s important that marketers choose a solution provider who they can trust.

Here are four questions every marketer who uses location-based marketing solutions should be asking their partners.

Question #1: How do you source your data?

Not all location-based advertising companies offer identical data coverage or quality, so it’s important to understand your provider’s data sources and how they apply that data for marketing purposes. When choosing a location provider, make sure they use data with strong density. Make sure they have a broad reach of consumers combined with a high frequency of seeing those consumers.

The GroundTruth Advantage: Trusted & Secure Data

At GroundTruth, we use a variety of different data sources that include our owned and operated app and our partner ecosystem. From these data sources, we are able to aggregate location signals such as lat/long, GPS, and wifi. Together, these signals are the best indicators of consumer intent. The insights gathered from our sources can help marketers better find and reach their customers.

GroundTruth goes through an annual independent audit by Numerator for the quality of our visitation data against their shopper panel . In fact, Numerator validated that 99% of the visits we attributed were accurate.

We are constantly working towards diversifying our data sources in order to adapt to industry changes. For more than a decade now, we have built scale, ID versatility, and data sourcing. These initiatives and others are part of our effort to sustain a transparent and trusted relationship that drives performance for the brands we work with.

Question #2: How do you mix location data and marketing solutions?

Understanding consumer brand preferences and shopping behaviors provides marketers the insights they need to create high-performing campaigns that drive revenue, so being able to apply and integrate location data across multiple media channels and marketing stacks is important. Make sure your location-based advertising company has maximum omnichannel flexibility.

The GroundTruth Advantage: Patented-Location Verification

Visitation data powers everything we do at GroundTruth. Our solutions help marketers understand their consumers and provide them with the media channels to reach them, from audience building to targeting. In order for us to provide best-in-class products and solutions, it’s crucial that the data we use is the most accurate and precise. This is why we’ve built a patented location verification process that all of our data goes through.

how to choose a location-based advertising company

Question #3: Are you accredited by a credible third-party entity?

Marketers are under a massive amount of pressure to activate campaigns that produce meaningful business growth. A location-based advertising company whose data has been third-party verified gives you the confidence that you are using solutions that deliver results. And don’t forget to ask who the verification is from and what it’s for.

The GroundTruth Advantage: MRC-Accredited

GroundTruth is the first and only location-based ad tech company to be accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for its location, place, and visit datasets. The accreditation validates the methodology and accuracy of place-based visits for advertising targeting and measuring campaign performance.

Question #4: How do you ensure that my ads will appear in a brand-safe environment?

Your location-data company should care about the integrity of your branding as much as you do. Find out what technology and certifications your provider has in place before you activate any campaigns with them.

The GroundTruth Advantage: Brand-Safe Ads

As part of GroundTruth’s commitment to viewable, fraud-free, and brand-safe ads, GroundTruth has entered into a strategic partnership with DoubleVerify (DV). DV’s MRC-accredited Authentic Impression measures and validates that an ad impression was shown in a brand-safe environment, was fully viewed, and fraud-free.

Additionally, GroundTruth maintains a proprietary-approved list of global apps and domains to ensure ads are only running on pre-vetted inventory. This list has been validated by DoubleVerify to ensure they are meeting brand standards.

Choose GroundTruth to Power Your Next Location-Based Advertising Campaign

Make sure you’re reaching your customers the most efficiently and effectively. In order to maximize your ad reach, the location data you use should be accredited, sourced from quality visitation data sources, administered in an omnichannel fashion, and your ads should appear in front of the correct, targeted audience.

We’d love to be your location marketing provider for your next campaign. Learn more about working with GroundTruth’s MRC-accredited data. Have any questions about getting started? Feel free to reach out to contact us.