Adapting Tactics in the Time of COVID-19

Adapting Tactics in the Time of COVID-19

Six industry experts share how to adapt your location-based marketing tactics during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, American life has changed substantially in a short time. As people work from home and stay indoors more, the average time spent on mobile usage is projected to increase to at least 3 hours and 49 minutes. In addition, your customers’ offline behaviors in the past can help to define your audiences for online targeting.

In this webinar, six of our industry experts share tactics to adapt to this new reality. These tactics are targeted at specific industries namely:

  • QSR/Restaurants, covered by Jen Ryan, Senior Platform Specialist
  • CPG (e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Consumer Goods, etc.), covered by Erik Carlson, Sales Director
  • Retail, E-Commerce, covered by Casey Kole, Platform Specialist
  • Online Education (e.g. Fitness Classes, Health, Professional and Financial Services, etc.) covered by MaryClaire Hitson, Senior Account Executive
  • Online Entertainment (e.g. Movies, TV, Music, Virtual Museum Tours, etc.), covered by Manasa Reddy, Platform Specialist
  • Home Office Related Industries (e.g. Electronics, Computers, Monitors, Furniture, etc.), covered by Ted Lowenfels, Platform Specialist

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