Everything You Need to Know About ROAS Right Now

Adweek and GroundTruth partner to bring you this guide with helpful tips to boost and measure your ROAS.

Digital advertising is getting expensive and stressful. Multichannel ad buys, cookieless targeting and unpredictable consumer behavior mean every marketer is facing higher CPMs, greater scrutiny of their media budgets and more difficulty measuring results. The good news? Strategic use of Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) can make the planning and measuring process simpler.

In partnership with Adweek, this guide will help you rethink your approach to ROAS to prove multichannel campaign impact, understand the customer journey and optimize your overall marketing performance.

Insights include:
  • Good vs. Bad ROAS: Beware of hard and fast rules. Take a more nuanced approach based on the outcomes you need to deliver.
  • Consider Context: You can’t measure the impact of your ad spend on awareness if every part of your program is focused on driving the immediate sale.
  • Power in Pairs: ROAS doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Pair it with other KPIs to get a clearer picture of how your campaigns are really performing.
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