Adweek and GroundTruth Release Guide to Increase ROAS

In partnership with Adweek, this guide, Everything You Need to Know About ROAS Right Now, offers strategic tips and practical steps to increase ad performance and real business results.

Advertisers are facing two powerful forces that make their jobs more difficult right now. First, placing ads is more expensive than ever before, with limited budgets. Second, and maybe more frustrating, is the fact that advertisers are asked to prove the value of their efforts on real business results, like in-store visits, purchases and more. 

To meet the demands of their jobs, advertisers need to rethink Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). It’s more than a performance metric that applies to every company in each campaign. Instead, it’s an efficiency metric that can be combined with other metrics to supercharge results. 

Want to know more? We thought so. That’s why we partnered with Adweek to create a brand new guide: Everything You Need to Know About ROAS Right Now. It’s available now, just click here to download! 

Why ROAS Matters

When we first kicked off the project, we had free range to pick any topic. So, why did we focus on ROAS? The short answer is because we know real business results matter most to GroundTruth customers and advertisers around the globe. 

We also knew the conversation surrounding ROAS lacked nuance that could prevent companies from scaling their campaigns and improving their performance. At the beginning of the year, GroundTruth CMO, Brandon Rhoten, warned that companies need to start thinking differently about how they understand and apply ROAS. The conversation around that article resonated so well with audiences across industries that we thought it was time to create a longer, practical guide to help companies succeed in 2024. 

The partnership with Adweek only made the final guide better. We are excited it’s now available for you to download. 

What You’ll Get from the Guide

Inside the guide, you’ll find an in-depth discussion of the state of advertising today and what that means for marketing professionals. We show how to combine ROAS with other key metrics to improve the overall performance of your media, and give you a step-by-step process for crafting a strategy that works in today’s market. 

“The factors that can make or break a campaign in today’s market aren’t clean cut. Advertisers need to consider a myriad of factors. If you’re not already doing that, this guide will help ramp you up to the level you need to be competitive. For anyone else, this guide provides new ideas that can help bring new life to your media strategies,” Rhoten said. 

Are you ready to upgrade your ad campaigns and drive real business results for your company? Download Everything You Need to Know About ROAS Right Now from Adweek and GroundTruth! 

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