Bark Social

How Bark Social Unleashed Innovative Targeting Strategies to Bring in Pet-Friendly Patrons.
Bark Social, the first social club for dogs in the mid-Atlantic, teamed up with GroundTruth to increase visits to their doors.

While the clubhouse invites “dogs and dog lovers to have fun”, Bark Social wanted to attract both dog owners as well as new audiences who might not necessarily own a pet but want to experience a first-of-its-kind venue and unique night out.

Throughout a three-month campaign, GroundTruth helped Bark Social reach key audiences based on behaviors such as visitation specific categories of businesses and brands within driving distance of the Bethesda, Maryland staple and ultimately brought hundreds of footprints and pawprints through their doors.

Real-World Solutions

Location Audiences allowed Ulta Beauty to target direct competitors near their new locations. The competitive set included both major chain stores and smaller local specialty shops, optimizing reach to potential customers while stealing market share.

Behavioral Audiences such as Beauty & Cosmetic Shoppers enabled Ulta Beauty to reach intenders who would most benefit from learning about a new store opening in their vicinity.

Proximity Targeting was taken a step further as Ulta Beauty and GroundTruth partnered to set insights-led, custom radial targeting around new stores to optimize reach and effectiveness.


Real Business Results

Bark Social saw some “pawsome” results, with over 400 visits attributed to this marketing campaign, averaging a $6.67 cost per visit. Combined with a click-through rate of 0.46%, it’s clear that Bark Social’smessaging resonated with the target audience.
By targeting audience groups who displayed preexisting behaviors or foot traffic visitation to ideal locations, GroundTruth was able to intelligently identify and reach potentially interested consumers and drive them to visit Bark Social, while keeping low cost per visit and high customer engagement.
By the Numbers

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