Family-Owned Pet Food Brand

How this pet food brand ultimately drove 1k visits to pet supplies retailer locations while building brand awareness among key audiences.
Family-owned pet food brand drives over 9k clicks to redeem a special offer, ultimately driving 1k visits to pet supplies retailer locations while building brand awareness among key audiences.

A family-owned pet food brand tested GroundTruth’s targeting and measurement capabilities to reach potential customers with an offer that would have furry friends wagging their tail, a free 4 lb bag of kibble at their nearby pet supplies store.

With the main goal to drive clicks and boost awareness of the brand, the campaign’s messaging prompted consumers to learn more about the brand and redeem the special offer at one of 36 target retail locations through Tennessee and Georgia.

Real-World Solutions

The pet food brand leveraged multiple real-world behaviors to focus their targeting efforts on the most relevant audiences including past visitation patterns, past purchase behaviors, and real-time decision-making moments.

Location Audience Targeting enabled the brand to reach past visitors at select pet supplies stores to influence them to try the brand on their next visit. The team built upon this strategy to also create Custom Audiences, reaching a mix of relevant audiences based on past visitation to key pet-related locations such as Pet Store Goers, Vet Visitors, and Pet Service Goers. To round out their reach to audiences based on historical visitation, the team also included High-Indexing Audiences to the targeting mix, to connect with potential shoppers who overlap with key audiences with strong affinity to the brand.

Aside from past visitation patterns, the pet food brand also layered on Purchase-Based Targeting to reach people based on past purchases, targeting shoppers who had either purchased Redbarn products, products from competitors, or pet supplies in general.

GroundTruth also helped the beloved brand reach shoppers in real-time by targeting consumers within the Retail Block and On-Premise as the selected retail locations, as well as by tapping into our proprietary Neighborhoods Targeting tactic which reaches trade areas with high affinity to specific locations.

Real Business Results

Following a one-month test campaign, the brand reached 275k unique users and ultimately drove over 9k clicks to learn more and over 1k Total Visits to target store locations.

Within the Tennessee market, targeting shoppers who were within the retail block of the store location drove the highest click-through rate at 1.31% while targeting High-Indexing Audiences drove the most clicks in terms of quantity highlighting the relevance of this offer to this audience base.

Heading south to Georgia, Neighborhoods Targeting drove the highest click-through rate at 1.25%, but like the campaign in Tennessee, High-Indexing Audience Targeting drove over 42% of all clicks in media served in Georgia.

By the Numbers
0 %

Average Click-Through Rate with some tactics topping 1.3% throughout the campaign

0 K

Total Visits Driven by GroundTruth media to designated stores within target markets

0 K

Clicks attributed to the month-long campaign

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