How a Giltuss regional sales test drove over 27k visits for its cough and cold medicine to local stores and expanded shelf space at CVS Health locations.
For consumers in Puerto Rico, Giltuss has been a household name trusted to relieve cough and congestion for over 30 years. To test their product in the U.S. market its parent company, Gil Pharmaceutical, Corp., teamed up with Business Vision Consulting Group, LLC in collaboration with Catherine Communications and GroundTruth to identify, reach, and drive relevant audiences into local CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations in South and Central Florida to make their purchase.

In order to drive visits to specific retail locations, campaign targeting focused on high-indexing audiences who were more likely to recognize the Giltuss brand name along with location targeting tactics to increase awareness of the product and its benefits.

After working with GroundTruth to identify key audiences, the mobile media campaign launched with both English and Spanish creative ads optimized to increase product awareness, foot traffic, and ultimately sales at area stores.

Real-World Solutions

Behavioral Audience Targeting identified the ideal shopper by finding people who frequented restaurants and retail locations popular with Giltuss’ targeted audiences. This campaign tactic was the most effective, delivering 48% of campaign visits.

Custom Audience Targeting contributed over 4k visits by combining GroundTruth’s data with first-party data sources, as well as visitation to CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations in Florida where Giltuss products were sold.

Custom Neighborhood Targeting enabled Giltuss to reach target audiences by layering demographic data onto GroundTruth’s Neighborhoods Targeting to efficiently reach geoblocks with high affinity to the target store locations.

On-Premise Targeting helped keep Giltuss products top of mind for shoppers near CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations for a last-minute pick-up while on-the-go.


Real Business Results

The Giltuss campaign with GroundTruth significantly accelerated sales 65% higher than similar timeframes with no advertising, proving the impact of location-based marketing in reaching key audiences and driving sales. Within 90 days, the campaign yielded over 26k visits to CVS Y MAS and Navarro Discount Pharmacy locations with a healthy $1.10 cost per visit.

In terms of business results, Giltuss achieved 153% of its cough and cold season forecast with CVS Health which led to expansion into both the Hispanic and General market planograms of multiple store locations. The proven popularity of Giltuss also opened discussions with a key CVS Health distributor to explore store expansion within CVS Health and to new retailers in Florida and nationally.

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