How CTV Supercharges Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Build stronger omnichannel marketing strategies when you add CTV to your media mix. We'll show you how it's done.

Omnichannel marketing strategies are necessary for all growing businesses. Customers want to engage with brands across a variety of channels at various times. But no matter what media mix a company decides, to get real business results, companies must invest in CTV. 

Over the past few years, the popularity of CTV exploded. The audience segments reached through CTV span all demographics, providing endless opportunities for successful ads at every level of the marketing funnel. For companies that haven’t yet invested in CTV, we put together a few strategies to help supercharge your media plan and drive real business results. 

CTV and Retargeting Improve Conversions

Companies often use CTV ads to reach as many people as possible. Because we are more likely to stream our favorite shows with family and friends, CTV ads are an efficient way to get your name and product in front of multiple audience segments at one time. But the real superpower comes when CTV ads combine with retargeting campaigns. 

Restaurants and QSRs, for example, can introduce a new menu item with a CTV ad. That will drive a certain amount of diners to the restaurant. But when you combine it with an ad that provides a limited-time offer for diners to use quickly, they are more likely to make the trip to your location. 

CTV and Mobile Marketing Drive More Foot Traffic

If your goal is to increase foot traffic and basket size, pairing CTV and mobile marketing is the way to go. For GroundTruth customers, companies have more than doubled their foot traffic and increased basket size when they use CTV and mobile marketing together. Yachak Mate Organic Energy Tea recently used CTV and mobile marketing to create a 583% Visit Rate Lift (measured by an independent third-party measurement partner). 

One key way to make this strategy work is using hyper-local audience targeting. After a shopper has viewed an ad on their big screen, use a feature like GroundTruth’s Blueprints, for example, to show them an ad the next time they are within a mile of your location. Connecting with audiences at the right time with a product or service they’re already familiar with is proven to increase ROAS and other real business results. 

CTV and Social Media Increase Awareness 

Finally, one of CTV’s biggest strengths is how it can spark social proof of the quality of your product or service. Imagine a group of friends streaming the Olympics. They get an ad for the newest running shoes, and one person in the group confirms that they are comfortable shoes. The next time someone from the group looks online, they may see influencers or other friends who give similar positive reviews. 

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool that is supercharged with how people stream TV. The most successful companies today use social media marketing to create awareness, prove quality, and drive new leads into their marketing funnel. And it just gets better with CTV. 

Invest in CTV+ with GroundTruth

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