Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit

How GroundTruth leveraged our own platform to increase brand awareness at the Restaurant Franchising and Innovation Summit.
The Restaurant & Franchising Innovation Summit (RFIS) is a conference that brings together executives from leading brands in the restaurant industry to share their success stories. As a sponsor, GroundTruth wanted to showcase our technology front and center at the event attended by our key target audiences.

At GroundTruth, we know that real-world behaviors drive real business results, so we launched a media campaign to target attendees both in real-time and post-event using our suite of targeting solutions for event targeting.

The objective for this campaign was to increase brand awareness for GroundTruth, and position GroundTruth as an expert in the restaurant vertical and advertising spac

Our Solutions​

Location Targeting, in the form of On-Premise and Radial Targeting, was leveraged to reach audiences in real-time at both the conference center where the event took place, the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta, as well as the post-event networking activity at the Painted Pin.

Audience Targeting ensured precise follow up among attendees of the event. GroundTruth built an ad group from event attendees observed on location and retargeted that group in the week following the event to reinforce and amplify our messaging among relevant audiences.



By Targeting both the conference venue and the after-hours event, GroundTruth was able to stay top-of-mind on the mobile devices of attendees, while showcasing the efficacy of our solutions among our key audiences.

On-Premise Targeting at the after-hours venue drove the highest click-through rate of all tactics at an astounding 20.7%.

Post-Event Retargeting drove the most effective cost per click at $0.53, highlighting the impact that reinforcing your advertising over multiple days among a hyper-focused audience can have on improving brand recall and boosting interest.

By the Numbers


Average Click-Through Rate


Average Cost Per Click


Increase in page views on GroundTruth’s website compared to previous 10-day period