Digital Dealer Conference

GroundTruth saw impressive results at the Digital Dealer Conference by using our own targeting tactics to reach the right audiences with behavioral and location-based targeting.
Digital Dealer is a conference that brings together automotive dealers, manufacturers, and solution providers for exploration, development, and collaboration–the perfect audience for GroundTruth media services.

Because attendees are inherently interested in or involved in the auto industry, we knew this would be the perfect audience to target in order build awareness of our media solutions. We tapped into our own targeting capabilities to not only connect with these key audience, but simultaneously show the precision and impact that differentiate us from the pack.

Real-World Solutions

Retargeting reached Digital Dealer event attendees by blueprinting, or mapping, the Tampa Convention Center. Despite multiple competitors being at the conference, GroundTruth broke through the noise by retargeting this group of identified attendees with relevant, followup messaging in order to continuously build brand awareness and pique the interest of our solutions in the days following the event.

On-Premise Targeting reached consumers in the moment while they were within a 0.8-mile radius of the Tampa Convention Center. This allowed GroundTruth to reach key stakeholders in the auto industry in real-time with relevant ads and messaging.


Real Business Results

After a three-day long campaign, GroundTruth saw impressive results. We were able to achieve a 0.32% click-through-rate and kept costs low at $1.58 costper-click. Most impressively, GroundTruth saw a 575% increase online traffic to our dedicated auto industry webpage compared to the previous 7-day period. This showcases the effectiveness of GroundTruth’s solutions and media campaigns in building brand awareness by reaching the right audience at the right time.
At an event as large as the Digital Dealer Conference, GroundTruth was still able to reach relevant audiences in the auto industry and stand out as a brand. We accomplished this by identifying who the right audience was, based on their realworld behavior of attending the event, and then reaching that audience with behavioral and location-based targeting.
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