GroundTruth Wins I-COM Data Creativity
Award with Successful Outback Steakhouse Cost Per Visit Campaign

After successfully testing a location-based campaign with another Bloomin’ Brand, Outback challenged GroundTruth to drive 250,000 new visitors to their restaurant nationwide over a two month period during. A typical Outback loyalist visits a restaurant only 1.5 times a year, making this objective particularly challenging.



Our location solutions.

Location and visitation data were analyzed to accurately predict potential customers, those who were not observed in an Outback Steakhouse in the last 12 months, but showed an intent to visit.

By using a combination of data-rich Audience Targeting and solutions like Cost Per Visit, GroundTruth was able to identify customers likely to be receptive to the Outback brand and then drive them to their restaurant. Furthermore, our data allowed them to see if the people they advertised to actually went into an Outback Steakhouse so that Outback would only be charged for those who visited.

Real results.

Case Study / I-COM / Outback Steakhouse

Our superior data offering, analysis, and targeting allowed GroundTruth to deliver 260,000 visits in two months, an additional 10,000 visits over the plan.

Cost Per Visit was then scaled and implemented across other Bloomin’ Brands.

The campaign won the mobile category for the 2018 Data I-COM Creativity Awards. This is also the first example of a location company moving to a performance business model.

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new customers were driven to Outback