Meet the #GTeam: An Interview with Ad Ops Campaign Manager, Ryan Sheirich

In this new blog series, we’ll spotlight some of the new faces around our offices, highlighting trailblazers who bring a variety of skills to the table. We’ll cover everything from their career backgrounds and interests, to what drove them to our company. We’ll also give you a glimpse into what it’s like to work at GroundTruth and how each team member embodies our core valuespassionate, relentless, respectful, and trailblazers.

Meet Ryan Sheirich, GroundTruth’s Ad Ops Campaign Manager! Ryan has an extensive background in Ad Ops working for Yellow Pages and DexYP. After working on the West Coast, he’s taken his talents to the East Coast at our headquarters in New York.

We sat down with Ryan and have an extensive Q&A regarding his career and his experience here at GroundTruth. Here’s what he had to say.

But, what ultimately attracted me was the technology. GroundTruth Blueprints is amazing.

What made you want to work for GroundTruth?

There are a few things I was looking for when I was searching for a new company. I was evaluating what their position in the space was. I knew I wanted to focus on a company that was into mobile advertising because the industry has shifted dollars towards that way. Additionally, I was also looking for a company with room for growth and career opportunity. Are they growing? Are they well-established? I found both these in GroundTruth. But, what ultimately attracted me was the technology. GroundTruth Blueprints is amazing.

You worked as an Ad Ops Traffic Coordinator for 3 years, what are some differences you found between this position and working as a Campaign Manager?

I was working for a boutique agency in LA working in SEO, web design, and on PPC campaigns. The platform was smaller and there wasn’t a high volume, but my interest started there. I moved on to Yellow Pages where I really got more involved. The biggest difference for me was working with local businesses on mobile campaigns with very small budgets, but a high volume of campaigns. Now I’m working with much larger budgets and globally recognized brands that all have different marketing goals.

How does GroundTruth size up to the other companies you’ve worked for?

When I looked at GroundTruth and compared it to other companies, there’s definitely a unique environment. Just coming to New York has been completely different for me. GroundTruth is a little bit more focused in the space and I like working with national and global brands. There are also a lot of opportunities to work on different projects as GroundTruth continues to grow, and there are a ton of client KPIs to solve for. I came from places that focused on local businesses in a much smaller area, and the products were a bit more simplified.

You have a background in Graphic Design, how has this background influenced the campaigns you work on?

I actually don’t have any part in the creative process. Usually, the design team, account managers, and coordinators work with the clients on that, unless the client already knows what kind of message they want to run. But, I get to use my background when evaluating the creative performance against the KPI. In post-campaign insights, I take time to look at the creative ad units. The creative team also releases a lot of insights on a quarterly basis, such as in-app designs, max use of words, and I think it’s amazing to see this information come out internally in a company.

GroundTruth values both relentlessness and passion, how do these values come across on the Client Services team?

In terms of being relentless, I think of the strategy meetings. The strategy meetings are frequent, and in them, you get to see how people approach different pain points and how they overcome them or think about different ways to approach subjects when working with different clients so they can succeed.

Everyone’s in tune with what they do. It feels like we’re all on the same team.

In regards to passion, I saw a lot of it when I was interviewing. As a general question, I asked different people what they enjoyed the most about GroundTruth. The number one response I got was: ‘The people here at GroundTruth.’ I can say since I’ve been hired, I agree. Everyone’s in tune with what they do. It feels like we’re all on the same team. There aren’t all these different departments that you’ll never interact with. Its clear people are working hard, collaborating, and also enjoying what they do.