GroundBreakers of Brick-and-Mortar:
Reinventing the Drive-Thru at McDonald’s

Nicole Genchur
Director of Marketing Research & Insights, GroundTruth

What are they doing?

McDonald’s is investing millions of dollars to improve the customer experience at their drive-thrus. They are particularly committed to shortening wait times, and testing out innovative technologies such as voice-based ordering and personalization.

How will they do it?

McDonald’s locations servicing 70 or more cars during peak hours will now have a second lane, internally called “side-by-side drive-thrus”. Not only will wait times improve but so will the customer experience. McDonald’s recently acquired artificial-intelligence startup Dynamic Yield whose technology will allow drive-thru menus to show food suggestions based on time of day, weather and current restaurant traffic. The other company they invested in, Apprente, is a voice technology startup that is “expected to allow for faster, simpler and more accurate order taking.”