Spring Advertising: 3 Tips to Update Your Ad Strategy

With spring in the air, it’s time to reevaluate your advertising and marketing strategy. Read our 3 tips for updating your spring advertising strategy.

Spring is here and it’s time to put away the winter gear! With nice weather emerging and springtime flowers blooming, it’s time to do some Spring cleanup, starting with your advertising. Renew your spring advertising strategy.

Here are three important areas you should be evaluating before your creative becomes out of date.

3 Tips for Spring Advertising

Here are three important tips to update your seasonal marketing strategy for spring:


Renew Your Creative Assets. First, take a good look at your creatives. Is it resonating with the season: with rebirth, renewal, and anticipation? Or is it the same creative you ran all winter? As the season changes it’s important to look through everything you’ve been running. Assess its value based on its performance over the past season, and decide whether to brighten it up and give your springtime ads some sunshine, or scrap them and build something fresh and new.

Update Your Media Plans. Next, look at the different media you’ve been buying. Spring forces all of us to recalibrate our lives, often with intentionally positive outlooks. For example, we start shopping for lighter jackets, we get outside, we attend baseball games and go to concerts and tourist attractions, etc.

INSIGHT: According to GroundTruth’s visitation data, foot traffic to entertainment venues start to increase during the spring and peaks in the heat of the summer. In fact, foot traffic to all entertainment categories (Fig. 1) increased by an average of 30% in July of 2021, with Amusement Parks seeing the largest increase (55% above average). Contextual advertising combined with geotargeting is a high percentage media package to reach Spring shoppers.

Figure 1: Foot traffic data retrieved from GroundTruth’s Lean Entertainment Industry Insights Brief (coming soon!).

Along the same lines, media consumption changes during spring and summer. We spend more time planning fun events we’re excited to go to and buying tickets for the family to enjoy a day at the theme park. We need to make sure media plans incorporate a mix of mobile, tablet, laptop, and CTV to capture those looking for entertainment venues. Our media habits have evolved to utilize the power of accessing digital content on any screen, in any location, so your streaming media plan should incorporate a multi-screen strategy to ensure maximum reach.


Consider the Effect of the Weather? The last element to a successful spring media plan is in fact an element! It’s the weather. Optimizing campaigns to adjust for changing weather conditions can be a competitive advantage for any brand. At GroundTruth, weather condition triggers are native to our platform and give our clients the ability to flex or throttle impressions based on dozens of different weather conditions. This ensures that budgets are deployed efficiently, and impressions are not wasted in conditions where real world activities are constrained.

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If GroundTruth can help with creative tune ups or media planning for the Spring and Summer seasons, let us know.