How Truelio and GroundTruth drove over 10.2K visits from builders, contractors, and homeowners for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions.
Truelio worked with GroundTruth, an advertising company known for turning real-world behavior into marketing that delivers real business results, to run a mobile ad campaign and uncover builder audience segments based on their real world visitation behavior.

Westlake Royal Stone Solutions is a building products company that offers premium stone accent walkways, walls, and fireplaces that beautify buildings and homes for occupants as well as the surrounding community to enjoy.

The Westlake team needed to find a way to get their brand in front of audiences who actively participated in construction and renovation projects, so they asked their digital agency, Truelio, for help.

Real-World Solutions

Location Audience Targeting

Reached the right customers based on past visitation behavior to specific business locations or points of interest. The strongest performing audiences were those interested in Building Materials, which accounted for 31% of visits, and Building Contractors who attributed for 23% of total visits.​

Behavioral Audience Targeting

Identified DIYers based on their demographic behavior and past visitation to high-indexing businesses and points of interest. ​


Real Business Results

Truelio took a unique approach to geo-targeting by creating “conversion zones” around locations where Westlake products were sold, virtually eliminating ad waste by ensuring that the audiences receiving impressions were those actually entering supply warehouses. In the end the overall campaign drove 10.2K visits with a cost per visit of $7 for a product that can reach over $10,000 per order.​
By the Numbers
Visits generated by the campaign
0 K
Cost Per Visit for a high-cost product
0 $