Unlocking the Power of Direct Mail with Real-World Insights

Tap Into the Superpowers of Audience Based Direct Mail.

Did you know the average American household receives approximately 454 pieces of mail annually? That’s about 1.5 pieces of mail every day. Gone are the days when direct mail mean generic flyers collecting dust in your mailbox. Today, 59% of U.S. survey respondents express that they enjoy receiving mail from brands about new products. We’ve entered a new era where traditional marketing works hand-in-hand with real-world behavioral insights for a more personalized and relevant experience. Welcome to audience-based direct mail.

So, What Is Audience-Based Direct Mail (ABDM)?

Audience-based direct mail leverages data and insights from real-world activities to create personalized mailers that resonate with the right consumers. This isn’t about targeting just by address; with ABDM, marketers can capitalize on not just zip codes but brand preferences and places consumers frequent. Precise targeting is made possible by GroundTruth’s deep understanding of where people have gone in the real world.

Consider this: 42.2% of direct mail recipients either read or skim the mail they receive, and mail ads stay in households for an average of 17 days. So, understanding and addressing your audience’s individual preferences is pivotal for success. Insights from GroundTruth amplify this by giving marketers the ability to retarget people who have seen a CTV, mobile, or desktop ad, through direct mail campaigns, creating a seamless transition between digital and physical touchpoints.

Why Should Marketers Care?

The essence of successful marketing lies in forming authentic connections with current customers and equally important, potential customers. Simply put, when your marketing aligns with consumers’ needs and interests, you’re able to generate real business results. ABDM, enriched with precise data, ensures your marketing efforts aren’t wasted. In fact, 8 out of 10 marketing managers report better results when adding direct mail to their digital marketing mix. It personalizes the message, reduces unwanted “spam mail,” and ultimately drives higher ROI for direct mail campaigns. And there is no lack of opportunities surrounding direct mail as an astounding 62% of Millennials reported visiting a store in the past month based on mail information, highlighting its efficacy.

Now, here’s where it gets even more exciting for marketers! One of the core differentiators that makes ABDM so unique is the ability to track visits. With GroundTruth’s advanced insights, you can not only refine your targeting but also understand the direct impact of your mailer. When a potential customer, having received your advertising, steps into your store or visits your website, that’s a tangible measure of success!

Key Elements for Effective ABDM:


Data-Driven Insights: It all begins with a robust set of data. It is essential to know who your audience is, what they want, and where they spend their time. Direct mail has the unique ability to reach customers both at the top and bottom of the marketing funnel.


Personalization: With brand recall at 75% for direct mail recipients compared to 44% for digital ad viewers, personalizing your advertising to address specific needs and interests maximizes your direct mail marketing investments.


Integrated Strategy: Reaching your target audience with multiple marketing touchpoints through omnichannel advertising can help increase conversion rates. Think of direct mail as a crucial player in a well-coordinated orchestra.


Track and Optimize: Here’s the cherry on top. Using tools like those from GroundTruth, marketers can trace back the effectiveness of their campaigns, tracking foot traffic, and correlating it with the mailers sent.

Customer Behaviors Tells a Story: Use Cases

An effective ABDM strategy coupled with consumer behavioral data can work across industries and tap a customer base that may have slipped through the cracks. Here’s how that can take shape:


Real Estate: For those hunting for houses, imagine getting a postcard showcasing homes available in areas they’ve visited. Add a QR code, and they can step into a virtual tour instantly.


Auto Dealers: Remember the person who test-drove that sleek new car but didn’t buy it? Why not entice them back with a personalized offer?


Coffee Shops: Picture a coffee aficionado who spends every Saturday reading in different local coffee shops. How about sending them a mailer introducing your new blend, complete with a discount to track performance with promotional code redemption.


Boutique Fitness Studios: Noticed a spike in individuals exploring fitness options in January? It’s resolution season! Send them an exclusive offer to join your fitness studio and start their year right.

Mastering the Game with GroundTruth (Subtly!)

Platforms like GroundTruth simplify the process, offering insights that bridge the digital and physical worlds. The key is not to overwhelm but to be there subtly and consistently. With a trusted partner by your side, tapping into the superpowers of ABDM can transform your marketing.

Eager to make your direct mail campaigns shine? GroundTruth is here to guide your journey, offering tailored insights that make a difference. Connect with us and unlock the potential of truly personalized marketing.