Hyper-local Geo Targeting

How to Do Hyper-local Geo Targeting?

GroundTruth’s proprietary mapping technology, Blueprints, maps the real world in a virtual environment with the highest levels of accuracy and precision, enabling the ability for hyper geo targeting. Our Blueprints are the foundation of all products and tactics developed here at GroundTruth. By providing accurate context to location data, Groundtruth can effectively target and reach consumers based on their physical behaviors.

Hyper-local Geo Targeting

Our suite of hyper-local geo targeting products can help you reach customers in your communities at different points in their customer journey:

  • On-Premise Targeting allows you to reach consumers while they are actually on the premises of a given location whether that be a store or a stadium. This hyper  geotargeting granularity is extremely valuable for advertisers who want to reach consumers in a very precise location.
  • Proximity Targeting enables advertisers to reach consumers while they are near a specific location.

Audience Targeting connects you with consumers based on past visitation behaviors.  As a user visits a brand or category location, they are bucketed into that specific audience for the next 90 days, allowing you to target existing customers or conquest your competitors’ audiences.