Store Visitation Lift (SVL)

Store Visitation Lift

What is Store Visitation Lift (SVL)?

SVL measures the increase in foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar location or point of interest that results from a mobile ad campaign. This measurement is made possible by leveraging mobile location signals to track the whole marketing funnel, from the time consumers were exposed to an ad and then entered into a defined location. There are a variety of tactics available to increase Store Visitation Lift by targeting consumers with an advertisement based on their real-time location, including geofencing, beacon technology, and Blueprint technology. This area of marketing is called location-based marketing or geolocation advertising.

Learn more about how to improve your Store Visitation Lift at GroundTruth and discover the power of having mobile location targeting at your fingertips.

Learn more about GroundTruth’s new Projected Visits metric, which uses statistical sampling of visitation metrics to get a more complete picture of in-store visits.

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