5 Ways Mobile Advertising Can Help Your Local Business Play in the Big Leagues

Worried that your local business can’t compete with the behemoth next door? Fear no more. Our local mobile advertising platform, GroundTruth Ads Manager, puts a mighty weapon at your fingertips and gives you a competitive edge over businesses still relying on social media and Google search to reach their customers and drive in-store revenue.

So what’s the secret?

Location, location, location. And not yours. Your customers’. Knowing where your customer goes, when, and what he or she does there is the ultimate power tool in the quest to drive clients through your front door. When you know who they are based on the places they visit and love, you can deliver them the right message at the right place and at the right time. And even better, Ads Manager even lets you see how many visits to your business are a result of those ads.

Sound complicated? Ads Manager has five features that make harnessing the power of its local mobile advertising as easy as pie.

Enhanced geo-targeting capabilities:

Our location data takes you way beyond the usual DMA targeting. Using our proprietary Blueprints mapping technology, we help you reach you customer based on their real-world visitation patterns. This lets you get a better sense of who they are and what they might be interested in, so you can reach them with a highly targeting message at the right place and time. Say, for example, a shopper visits Buy Buy Baby, Whole Foods and Home Depot in an afternoon. Ads Manager takes that information and, based on store locations and the time of the visits, can deduce that the shopper is likely a Millennial parent.

Competitor intel and targeting through local mobile advertising

It ain’t over ’til it’s over. In other words, just because a customer plans to have dinner at your competitor in town, that doesn’t mean you can’t change their mind. Ads Manager allows you to predict a customers next move based on their past visitation behavior. This allows you to deliver a compelling ad to a patron, encouraging them to visit your restaurant before their usual dining time on Saturday night—say when he or she is picking up groceries earlier that day. That makes it possible for you to steal your competitors’ customers from right under their noses. And you have that power no matter what your budget.

Ability to retarget loyal customers

What’s better than getting a new customer? Getting a loyal customer.

Ads Manager’s ability to let you see who walks into your store lets you figure out who you want to bring back. Once someone has paid you a visit, Ads Manager can serve us retargeted ads that rewards them with promotions and coupons to entice them to return. These offers will show up as banner ads and in apps to keep your customers coming back for more.

Data that makes your messaging more meaningful

You know those irrelevant ads that show up in your social feed, but don’t reflect who you are or what you like? Just because someone looks up a luxury retailer, doesn’t mean they actually have the budget to afford it. With Ads Manager, that doesn’t happen. Ads Manager’s careful monitoring of your customer’s offline behavior means that we know who they are by where they visit, allowing you to deliver messages that resonate. And once they’ve finished with their first visit, we can send them a discount coupon so they will want to make a second. Ads Manager makes sure the customers most receptive to your message will receive it.

Ability to measure offline results

Is all this fancy geo-targeting worth the money you spend on it? We do the math so that you can decide. By dividing the amount of money you spend by the number of visits our ads resulted in, we can show you your effective cost per visit—or how much you pay for each customer that walks through your door. This kind of transparency lets you see exactly where your marketing dollars are going and lets you make sure you are getting your money’s worth by delivering ads that result in visits and purchases. And, as we all know, the numbers don’t lie!