Beyond MAIDs: Identity Graphs and Other Features GroundTruth Uses to Protect Advertisers

Learn how GroundTruth maintains campaign performance and helps customers drive better results at speed and scale.

GroundTruth customers expect their ad campaigns to drive real business results. To deliver on those expectations, our platform uses the highest level of precision and accuracy in our audience data. 

Recently, though, the shift away from cookies and mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs), has led to an industry-wide decline in visitation data accuracy. Companies are spending more for lower performing ads. That is, companies that aren’t using GroundTruth. 

Beyond building a foundation of excellent data accuracy into our platform, we also implemented new features to ensure that advertisers that use GroundTruth maintain their campaign performance, and drive better results in the future. Below, you’ll find our immediate and long-term solutions to ensure our customers continue to drive real business results with their marketing dollars. 

Optimize Supplier Data for Quality

The first step to ensuring GroundTruth customers can access the highest-quality data is to enforce guardrails around the supplier data. One of the ways we’re identifying low-quality location data is through cluster event data. 

When we see a higher number of visits from any supplier that is disproportionate to our historical data, we will reduce their influence in GroundTruth data. Simultaneously, we will increase the use of suppliers that provide accurate and precise visit data.  

These changes allow customers to find a steady state of visits over the course of their campaign and will allow them to optimize for real business results, including increased foot traffic and conversions. 

Implement a New Visitation Architecture and Identity Graphs

As a long-term solution, we’re enhancing visitation architecture that streamlines all the highest-quality data, including all the GroundTruth historical data, so that we have a clean, consistent data signal for visits. The goal is to create a gold standard for visits that can be repeated at scale, quickly for all our customers. 

In addition, we are also working to create an Identity Resolution system to connect the dots between households, individuals, and devices (i.e 150 million households, 300 million individuals, and 900 million devices). We know that we can’t rely on cookies and MAIDs anymore. We also know that mobile phones are emitting more signals than ever. So we’ve started using other identifiers to build a high-intent audience that we can reach beyond MAID cross-device for target and tracking. Markers like UID2, Hashed Emails, and IP help create a more accurate picture of who is in each audience segment and the real-world behaviors they’re engaging with. 

With all these factors working together, the immediate data guardrails, the visitation architecture, and improved Identity Resolution system, GroundTruth customers will see consistent performance in real business results, like foot traffic and conversions. 

Learn More from GroundTruth

If you’d like to learn more about the exceptional real-world behavior data that drives GroundTruth ad campaigns, including our Blueprint technology, contact us today. We’ll walk you through each of our solutions and help you get started with the one that’s right for you.