How Comporium increased repeat shoppers for its Supermarket client using location-based marketing.
Comporium Media Services is a multi-service media agency that helps small to medium-sized businesses get found in their local market. One of their client’s, a Southern grocery chain, wanted to increase repeat visits among loyal shoppers. By leveraging GroundTruth’s location platform, Comporium drove repeat visitors and delivered a 9X Return on Ad Spend.

Real-World Solutions

Ads Manager, GroundTruth’s location-based advertising platform was used to launch, manage, and measure the advertising campaign.

Audience Targeting was used to strategically reach the Supermarket’s most loyal customers and drive them in-store with offers from their weekly circular. This audience segment was comprised of mobile users who shopped at one of their many grocery store locations at least once in the past 90 days.


Real Business Results

Comporium drove 70 repeat shoppers each week to the grocery chain.

By dividing the total store revenue during a given period by the number of visitors for that same period, Comporium was able to drive an effective Cost Per Visit of $6.52 for their client.

The entire campaign yielded a 9X Return on Ad Spend.

By the numbers

Shoppers driven per week

0 X

Return on Ad Spend