Contextual CTV Solutions
How to drive meaningful connections with your key audiences

Hosted by Tom Donoghue.

Contextual CTV Solutions

How to drive meaningful connections with your key audiences.

Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) mediums provide marketers with the ability to reach specific segments compared to traditional television advertising methods. Not only does GroundTruth power campaigns on CTV and OTT and extend their reach with mobile and desktop media within one easy-to-use platform, but we also measure the impact of the campaign on driving visits to the promoted locations.


In this webinar, you learned:

  • The state of the market with a focus on the impact of CTV and OTT
  • Unique contextual targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences efficiently and effectively, including GroundTruth’s one-of-a-kind Weather Targeting Solution
  • Creative solutions to drive engagement
  • Practical applications from our special guest, Darrin McAfee, in a one-on-one fireside chat to discuss campaigns in action
Featured Speaker:
Tom Donoghue VP of CTV/OTT at GroundTruth
Tom Donoghue is VP of CTV/OTT for GroundTruth, the leading location-based marketing and advertising technology company. Tom is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in all things streaming advertising, from product marketing, sales enablement, demand generation, and industry communications. Tom has built and run successful digital businesses in a number of industries in his career, including broadcast media, automotive, healthcare, and real estate.

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Tom Donoghue
Vice President, CTV/OTT

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