How HeadCount used location marketing to drive voter registration.
HeadCount, a non-partisan organization, is focused on making civic participation easy and fun. Ahead of the midterm elections, HeadCount and their agency partner, Crossmedia, teamed up with GroundTruth to power their mobile efforts in driving awareness among youths 18+ and encouraging voter registration. By leveraging location marketing, HeadCount was able to reach their intended audience and get them on the path to registration with one click.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting based on proximity to college campuses helped HeadCount reach a pool of young adults and potential new voters. Clear and concise messaging shed light on a previously intimidating process, getting potential first-time voters to take action.

Location Targeting of State DMAs (Designated Market Area) allowed HeadCount to focus on battleground states where every vote could make a difference, thus incentivizing and empowering voters to get registered.


Real Business Results

6,100 potential voters were driven to HeadCount’s site where their journey began.

During the course of the campaign, Texas proved to be a top performing market, driving 20% of total clicks. This year, Texas had one of the tightest races with a margin of only 200k voters. In scenarios like this, every registration and subsequent vote was crucial which highlights the opportunity for organizations like HeadCount to impact political participation.

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