No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry boosts awareness of summer meal program, driving over 19k clicks to critical meal finder with GroundTruth media.
No Kid Hungry leveraged GroundTruth media to reach relevant audiences with details about their summer meals program.
The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness among families about how to find summer meals available nationally, with a targeted focus on key states. Parents and caregivers were encouraged to text "FOOD" or "COMIDA" to No Kid Hungry's 304-304 hotline to find free meals near them.

No Kid Hungry initially launched the texting hotline to let parents know about free summer meal sites in their neighborhoods. This resource is especially crucial during the summer months when the meals that many children rely on at school are no longer accessible.

Real-World Solutions

To reach key audiences across nine U.S. states, there was a media mix of mobile and connected TV (CTV) ads to engage people at various moments throughout the day.
Similar tactics were applied cross-channel, mixing location and audience targeting. Geotargeting was deployed across all channels along with 1st party audiences for relevant and hyper-focused reach.

Real Business Results

Across the nine priority states, the GroundTruth campaign reached over 860k unique users across both mobile and CTV devices. Because the objective of this campaign was to increase awareness and drive action, the focus was on targeted reach with relevant messaging to encourage users to learn more. In total, the campaign resulted in 19k clicks, an average click-through rate of 0.41%. on mobile, and a 97.8% average video completion rate across both English and Spanish CTV video ads.

Throughout the campaign, more than 2.5k unique users accessed No Kid Hungry’s meal finder resources via WhatsApp, enabling them to connect their intended audience of Latino families with meals on an entirely new platform that they trust.

By the Numbers
0 K

Clicks driven to No Kid Hungry's meal finder resource

0 %

Average click-through rate on mobile ads, 2X above the GroundTruth benchmark for mobile banners


Unique users who messaged No Kid Hungry via WhatsApp throughout the campaign

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