Goodwill Ads Manager

How Goodwill® used location to “bring good” to their communities.
Goodwill partnered with the Ad Council and GroundTruth to drive potential customers into participating stores throughout a month-long campaign. As part of GroundTruth’s Location for Good initiative, this pro bono campaign aimed to inspire people to “Bring Good Home” by shopping at 16 participating Goodwill stores. GroundTruth’s location platform, Ads Manager, was the perfect tool for Goodwill to connect with relevant audiences in specific areas about the positive effect that shopping at a Goodwill store has on their communities.

Real-World Solutions

Audience Targeting allowed Goodwill to home in on reaching audiences based on their past visitation to brands and locations that overlap with the Goodwill brand. The Goodwill Loyalist Audience was the strongest visitation driver, leading to 1,949 visits with a 0.45% Visitation Rate, a rate 44% higher than the retail industry benchmark. Behavioral Targeting drove the most amount of new visitors with 269 users who had not visited a Goodwill store in the last 90 days.

Location Targeting effectively reached potential shoppers in close proximity to participating Goodwill locations to guide them to the store nearest to them.

Neighborhood Targeting powered reach to users based on areas of high visitation affinity with Goodwill stores, in essence concentrating targeting efforts to specific trade areas where Goodwill shoppers, or shoppers with similar behaviors commonly frequent.


Real Business Results

The campaign was successful as GroundTruth increased foot traffic and sales to the participating Goodwill stores. GroundTruth’s campaign reached 197K+ audience members, resulting in 3,948 visits with a cost per visit of $2.65, and hitting Goodwill’s goal of almost 3M total in-app impressions.

Goodwill was able to successfully reach its impression goal by remaining flexible and making adjustments to campaign tactics in real-time within the Ads Manager platform to maximize results. For those tactics that were not performing as well, Goodwill made mid-campaign optimizations to pivot budget towards better performing ones.

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