How Location Data Enhanced Ulta Beauty’s New Store Opening Media Strategy

Ulta Beauty and their agency partner, Mediahub MullenLowe, joined forces with GroundTruth to power their new store openings as they expanded their physical footprint. The beauty retailer leveraged localized and data-driven tactics as part of their overall strategy to reach high-potential customers, boost awareness, and drive foot traffic to new stores.

Evelyn Aguilera
Associate Director, Brand Strategy

Our location solutions.

Location Audiences allowed Ulta Beauty to target direct competitors near their new locations. The competitive set included both major chain stores and smaller local specialty shops, optimizing reach to potential customers while stealing market share.

Behavioral Audiences such as Beauty & Cosmetic Shoppers enabled Ulta Beauty to reach intenders who would most benefit from learning about a new store opening in their vicinity.

Proximity Targeting was taken a step further as Ulta Beauty and GroundTruth partnered to set insights-led, custom radial targeting around new stores to optimize reach and effectiveness.

Real results.

Case Study/Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty leveraged insights from GroundTruth’s location solutions as part of their media plan to support a number of their new store openings. New Ulta Beauty retail locations with GroundTruth-supported media were 2.5x more likely than non-supported stores to reach their state average weekly visitation rates, highlighting the impact of location data in driving fast results.

GroundTruth-supported locations were not only more likely to meet their state average weekly visitation rates, but did so 43% faster than new stores not supported by GroundTruth media.

By tactically using location data to inform their existing marketing efforts, Ulta Beauty was able to boost awareness and increase engagement with potential customers within weeks of their grand openings. This allowed them to hit the ground running and quickly ramp up their store visitation with a highly-engaged customer base.

1 K

Visits driven to Coach retail stores within 2 months

1 %

Rich Media Engagement Rate exceeded GroundTruth
benchmark by 10-16%

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