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How a solutions provider helped a health care client create awareness and increase daily visits.
During a time of hyper focus on health and wellness, access to medical services was key for many families. Solutions provider, The Business Side, Inc. (TBS), tapped into location-based marketing to help their healthcare client connect with nearby audiences, drive awareness of available services, and help inform potential patients of how to make appointments for in-person services during a critical time frame.

Real-World Solutions

Radial Fencing allowed TBS to define geofence boundaries within a six-mile radius of Family’s Health Care locations, driving 63% of total visits to their locations. This tactic ran the duration of the entire campaign as an ‘always-on’ targeting strategy to consistently reach a relevant audience.

Zip Code Targeting was leveraged to precisely reach specific areas and successfully drove 36% of all visits attributed to this campaign with only 11% of total budget. Because the nearby neighborhoods made up a largely Latinx community, the creative assets were in Spanish to increase effectiveness and emphasize the center as a Spanish-speaking provider.

Neighborhoods Targeting enabled TBS to target unique geographical boundaries based on a combination of visitation patterns and audience segments, reaching areas with high affinity to target locations. Of all tactics, this one had the highest Click-through Rate peaking at 1.88%.


Real Business Results

The six-month long campaign focused its messaging on in-person visits and the availability of Covid-19 testing to build awareness of the medical practice within the community and bring in new patients.

Overall, GroundTruth media reached over 33K unique users and drove over 3K clicks from potential patients to learn more about the medical offerings of the health care facility. In terms of impact on visitation to the facility, it resulted in a 2.4X increase in the number of daily patients compared to the pre-campaign time frame. By more than doubling the volume of daily patients, this campaign proved the importance of contextual ads in driving results.

Since the launch of this campaign, the health care center has seen new patients come back for other services, highlighting its success in creating repeat and long-term patients. With the learn

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