How a Hooters March Madness Multichannel Ad Campaign Combined Connected TV & Mobile Channels to Score More Visits.
To maximize customer reach and engagement, Hooters developed a multichannel campaign encouraging fans to visit their locations throughout a college basketball tournament.​

In order to build awareness and drive visits, the Morrison team optimized upper and lower funnel channels with dynamic connected TV (CTV) and mobile ads to reach key audiences and drive them to their local Hooters location.​

Hooters partnered with Morrison, its ad agency, and GroundTruth, a leading provider of location-based marketing solutions, to develop and execute the campaign.​

Our Solutions​

CTV, Mobile, and QR Codes: CTV generated audience awareness and engagement with non-skippable ads and scannable QR codes while mobile ads reached users who were further along the buyer journey to find the nearest location.

Location-based Audience Targeting: Hooters zeroed in on its core audience segment, males between 18 and 35, who recently visited a Hooters location or another high-indexing brand.

Retail Block Targeting: This tactic enabled the team to reach and influence audiences near a Hooters location in real time.



Overall, this campaign influenced more than 20K visits to Hooters locations. That’s an average of 1,000 visits a day, and a 200% visitation lift within a 3-week timeframe.

CTV ad spots generated more than 800K impressions with a 96.8% video completion rate (VCR), 15.8% higher than the industry average. Mobile ads were responsible for driving 85% of total visits throughout this campaign and CTV drove the remaining 15%. The true campaign MVP was the combination of CTV and mobile channels, which reinforced Hooters’ messaging and drove diners into restaurants.


Diners who were served with ads across CTV and mobile channels were over

2.5X more likely

to visit a Hooters restaurant than those who were only served one or the other.

With a 7.9% Store Visitation Rate (SVR), this multichannel campaign proved that more connection points with your core audiences drives better outcomes.
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