How CPG Brands Can Turn Empty Shelves Into Real Business Results

We take a deep dive into Local Inventory Ads and how successful they are & how you can apply them to your own online campaigns. Discover with GroundTruth today.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of searching for a specific item only to find it out of stock at your favorite store? It’s disappointing, right? Even as a brand-loyal shopper, you may purchase a substitute brand or switch to a different product altogether. As that brand’s marketer, you can’t help but feel the pain of a lost opportunity.

But what if we told you there’s a game changing way you can help brands avoid a situation like this? In-stock local ads do just that. It’s an innovative marketing technology that allows retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to manage inventory shortages and ensure their customers find their favorite products.

Get ready, marketers: today we’re exploring the wonders of in-stock local ads!

What are In-Stock Local Ads?

In-stock local ads are marketing technology that features hyper-local, store-level targeting capabilities to inform consumers about digital offers and store information that are most relevant to them, including product availability and in-stock inventory. Introduced in 2020, this ad tech helps CPG brands address limited supplies for essential products, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies generated by the onset of COVID-19.

Powered by visitation data and inventory tracking solutions, in-stock local ads flip conventional thinking from “out-of-stock” notifications to “in-stock” notifications. These trusted location-based ads give brands a way to ensure their advertising spend creates a positive shopping experience for their customers. Talk about music to any marketer’s ears!

Why Should You Consider In-Stock Local Ads?

Any marketing professional knows advertising products that are out of stock can be quite a hurdle. It’s not just about missing out on short-term sales—the danger lies in losing loyal customers and their long-term value. According to Numerator research, 35% of shoppers are willing to substitute a similar brand or product for the out-of-stock items on their shopping lists. By delivering these ads, you can provide customers with the right information at the right time, increasing their satisfaction with your brand and keeping them from switching to a competitor.

Got switchers? No problem. Use in-stock local ads to reach potential “switchers” by shifting media to the stores where your competitors have low stock, and you have plenty to steal market share.

Example imagery of in-stock local ads in action for a CPG brand.

Let’s look at an in-stock local ad success story. A major fresh meat brand leveraged this ad tech to drive visits to Walmart locations with inventory availability. The result? A remarkable 24% increase in sales! This campaign’s success highlights the tangible impact of in-stock local ads in maximizing marketing spend and driving more sales for your store.

By employing hyper-local targeting, real-time product availability information, and personalized ads, you can effectively reach customers, maintain their loyalty, and drive real business results, even in the face of logistic disruptions. With this game-changing technology, you can ensure that your advertising spend maximizes its impact and leads to long-term success in the marketplace. Don’t let inventory shortages short your marketing efforts—get in on the in-stock local ad action!

Want to in-corporate in-stock local ads in your next marketing campaign? GroundTruth’s suite of location-based marketing solutions can help drive shoppers to your brand’s store with in-stock inventory. Contact us HERE to learn more about GroundTruth’s in-stock local ad capabilities!