Is CTV Beneficial for B2B Advertising in 2022?

Should CTV be part of your B2B advertising strategy in 2022? GroundTruth outlines the benefits of CTV for your B2B marketing campaigns.

B2B marketers have always struggled with two key ingredients essential to any online marketing strategy: targeting, and scale. Digital advertising generally solves the “scale side” of the recipe, but targeting has remained a challenge in B2B marketing.

On-Target Audience Delivery with CTV

When B2B advertisers think about their campaign goals, their first step should be to think “audience first.” Unlike linear TV, where the ad buy is content-oriented, audience targeting on Connected TV (CTV) ensures delivery to the right audience, with less waste. Location targeting and behavioral affinity can further refine campaign parameters, leading to a hyper-optimized “on target” delivery via CTV.


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Is CTV beneficial for B2B Advertising in 2022?

Yes, Connected TV is a very beneficial advertising strategy for any B2B business for 2022. CTV can add yet another power play to a B2B ad – attribution. If a campaign goal is lead generation, it’s vital to be able to measure post impression activity in order to assess performance. CTV can track video completion rates, foot traffic, and even on-screen engagement (via embedded QR codes). QR codes are a seamless way to engage a prospect in real-time, and they can be actionable through the entire, non-skippable CTV commercial.

B2B marketers have a huge opportunity in front of them to explore the benefits of CTV in 2022. The targeting, reach, and measurability of CTV can boost local or national B2B marketing efforts, driving better, measurable ROI than traditional media.

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