Open for Business: What’s Next for Retail & Restaurants

Open for Business: What’s Next for Retail & Restaurants

Businesses across the country have slowly begun to reopen their doors as consumers become more comfortable with easing back into “normal” behavior. With several economic indicators pointing to a strong recovery, retailers and restaurants have been preparing for a positive consumer comeback. However, with the increasing adoption of new behaviors such as curbside pick-up, same-day delivery, and outdoor dining, the categorization of what is normal has dramatically changed.


In this webinar, we learned:

  • How visitation patterns to retail and restaurants have fluctuated over the past year and what this signals for the summer and fall seasons
  • Which targeting strategies can help you drive visits and measure the impact of your marketing across mobile, desktop, and CTV
  • What’s to come for retailers and restaurants and how to best position your brand in order to cut through competitive and crowded landscape of brands

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