How Outback Steakhouse used geo-targeting technology to serve up effective ads.
For Outback Steakhouse, the campaign goal was bigger than urging people to order the newest item on its menu. The casual dining restaurant set its sights on increasing restaurant visits and becoming a more viable competitor to other steakhouses in close proximity.

Real-World Solutions

Location Targeting was used to reach audiences around a 10-mile radius of Outback Steakhouse locations. Since hunger is time-sensitive, targeting by physical location allowed Outback Steakhouse to tap into behavioral marketing, and cravings.

Audience Targeting allowed Outback Steakhouse to hone in on customers within a 5-mile radius of its competitors, including steakhouses and other large national restaurant chains.


Real Business Results

By the end of the campaign, Click-Through Rates (CTR) for Outback Steakhouse’s display ads exceeded industry standards by 80%.

Post-click activity, like clicking to get directions or menu information, on display ads placed near competitor restaurants surpassed industry standards by 78%.

Display ads for people within a 10-mile radius of an Outback Steakhouse far outpaced industry standards, and display ads placed within 5 miles of competitor restaurants outpaced those by 11%.

By the numbers
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Click-Through Rates (CTR)

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