Political Marketing Strategy: Use Real Voter Behavior to Increase Action in an Election Year

Political marketers must focus on voter behaviors. Read our top 3 ways to build a results-driven political marketing strategy. Insights from our Webinar.

It may not be 2024 quite yet, but in the U.S., political marketers are deep into their election-year strategies. Between fundraising, activism, volunteering, and voting, there are dozens of real-world behaviors political marketers need their target audiences to engage in. With estimates of spending over $11 billion and ads spread across a variety of channels and media types, it can seem impossible to know how to cut through the noise and get real results.  

At GroundTruth, we’ve simplified everything for our political marketing customers. To achieve both incremental and big-picture success, political marketers need to focus on the real-world behaviors of the constituents. Segmenting audiences based on past behavior, as well as current habits, means voters can seamlessly integrate the actions from your campaign into their daily activities. 

How are marketers building these audiences? And more importantly, how can you use these audiences to build your own successful political marketing strategies? We’ve got all the answers in our newest on-demand webinar: Inform Voter Behavior with Better Political Targeting.

Below are the top 3 ways to build a results-driven political marketing strategy and leverage voter behavior.

1. Understand the Community’s Pattern of Behavior

Every marketer benefits from knowing the real-world behaviors of their target audiences. Where people go, who they go with, and how often they visit a business gives us an idea of what ads they’ll respond to with meaningful action. For political marketers, this knowledge is critical. 

In the webinar, the GroundTruth team explains how marketers can use location-based targeting to get the most out of their advertising strategies. Specifically, the team outlines how to use geo-targeting to reach less densely populated areas. They also explain the benefits of targeting audiences based on congressional districts, which includes protecting against spending ad dollars on visitors or those who don’t live in the area.

2. Build Sophisticated Voter Profiles

Knowing the location of voters in a community is not just useful for increased return on ad spend (ROAS). The data can also help build more sophisticated voter profiles. The more detailed profiles you can build as a political marketer, the easier it becomes to get constituents engaged in political actions throughout the year. Donations, volunteering, campaigning, voting—individuals will be ready for each action at different times throughout the year. As the team points out, GroundTruth can take location data and combine it with demographic profiles, custom audiences, or 3rd party audiences to create more sophisticated targeting that delivers results.

3. Meet Voters Where They Are

The last piece to a successful, results-driven political advertising strategy is to find voters across all channels. As pointed out in the webinar, most people rely on digital channels to gather information about upcoming elections. But in today’s world, digital channels can mean anything from Connected TV to social media ads and podcasts. With so many options, political marketers need to build a multi-channel approach to advertising. 

In the webinar, the team shows how easy it is to deploy digital ads on the channels that reach audiences. What’s more, you’ll see a list of GroundTruth’s reporting metrics, which are focused on real results you care about. In such a critical year, we know it’s important not only to prove the value of your efforts, but also to have the freedom to constantly refine and optimize your strategies.

Learn More About How GroundTruth Helps Political Marketers Achieve Success

To learn more about how to execute a successful political advertising campaign, watch the full webinar on demand. You’ll get a comprehensive view of the 2024 political marketing landscape, plus helpful hints on how to make your political campaign successful. Click here to watch Inform Voter Behavior with Better Political Targeting now.