The Florida Keys

How the Right Combination of Targeting and Creative Delivered Impressive Engagement for the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys has been a top destination for travelers in northern designated market areas (DMAs) for decades. To continue the tradition of tourism and travel to this region, the Monroe County Tourist Development Council worked with Tinsley Advertising and GroundTruth to develop creative solutions that would increase engagement and interest in visiting the Keys. With the use of an engaging interactive rich media campaign Monroe County successfully doubled engagement rates and increased consideration across potential visitors and core audiences.

Our Solutions

Custom Audience Targeting reached potential travelers, such as Leisure Travelers and Baby Boomers, by identifying past visiting behavior and layering that over demographic information. GroundTruth helped Monroe County put their message in front of the right people and identify new audiences based on the response rates of their ads.

Location Targeting focused on DMAs in the northeast further homed in on the target traveler audience to increase consideration among this group. Then in the summer months the team focused on “drive” markets in the southeast.

GroundTruth Creative Services supported the campaign with innovative and dynamic creative that held the audiences’ attention. The team accomplished this by building 12 Standard Banners, as well as 6 Rich Media units, which included gaming, gallery, and video.


Real Business Results

With engagement campaigns, marketing teams can flex their creative muscle to grab the attention of target audiences. Monroe County leveraged GroundTruth’s creative experts to develop a beautiful and engaging interactive rich media campaign with ads on mobile and tablet screens that displayed a gallery of photos showing all the fun you can have in the Florida Keys. Overall, the campaign performed 61% better than the industry benchmark,* earned 27.8K clicks, and hit a 35.86% rich media video completion rate, proving that their strategy caught audience attention.

The standout proved to be a subset of ads for Key West that displayed a snow globe and asked the viewer to shake their phone or tablet to move to the next image. During the two-and-a-half month campaign, engagement rates for the Key West ads shot to 10.88%, which was 118% over the industry benchmark, and the rich media video completion rate rocketed up to 40%.


Ad Engagement Rate for the Key West Ad portion of the Campaign

Ad Engagement Rate for the Overall Campaign
0 K

Ad Engagement Rate for the Overall Campaign

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