The Lean: Leisure & Entertainment Insights Brief

In this issue of The Lean: Leisure & Entertainment Volume 2 we dive into recent trends on consumer's favorite leisure activities like traveling, attending concerts and visiting casinos. We uncover how travel is faring this summer, the audience makeup at casinos and concerts and reveal the impact concerts can have on local communities.

While some consumers are looking for ways to cut costs, many are making the adjustments necessary to still be able to indulge in their favorite leisure activities like traveling, attending concerts, and visiting casinos. Brands that want to reach these audiences can use this moment to test different marketing strategies to identify the tactics that will drive customers to spend any discretionary dollars they have left with your brand.

In the latest volume of The Lean: Leisure & Entertainment Insights Report, we help marketers understand:

  • How travel is faring this summer by observing Airport & Hotel daily foot traffic
  • Differences in casino audiences by coastal cities and brand
  • The audience overlap of those that attended the summer’s biggest concerts & festivals
  • The impact large events can have on local businesses in the community surrounding a concert venue

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About the Lean

Between professional careers and personal lives, we understand that there is very little time left to read drawn out white papers. This is why we created The Lean — meaningful marketing insights that help brands make strategic decisions about their marketing campaigns. Specifically designed for easy consumption and quick reference, each issue of The Lean applies offline behavioral data filters and other industry sources to current consumer trends to help understand the impact they are having on business outcomes such as visits and sales. GroundTruth data is sourced from the 30 billion annual global visits observed on its platform. All data is anonymized and aggregated.