Welcome to Paradise: GroundTruth Partnership Drove 1K+ Visits and Increased Local Tourism in Martin County

Martin County worked with GroundTruth to drive visitation rates among tourists interested in outdoor activities and a natural paradise.

Real-World Solutions

The Martin County Office of Tourism worked with GroundTruth to drive visits and boost local tourism, highlighting Martin County as an unspoiled, natural paradise with a plethora of activities such as fishing, outdoor adventures, ecotourism, and more.
Employing a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, this campaign effectively engaged prospective travelers across mobile, desktop, and connected TV (CTV) devices.
Let’s take a deeper look at how the Martin County Office of Tourism used GroundTruth’s media platform and innovative strategies to pinpoint pertinent audiences across the South and Northeast regions, ultimately resulting in a notable surge of visitation, clicks, and heightened interest in Martin County’s tourism offerings.

Tactical Strategies

The Martin County Office of Tourism used GroundTruth’s first-party behavioral audiences, location audiences, and location targeting strategies across mobile, desktop, and CTV to reach prospective travelers and pique interest in Martin County.

Behavioral Audience Targeting
Combined visitation behaviors with demographic information to build sophisticated audience profiles and targeted people based on their lifestyles and interests. Targeted select groups from GroundTruth’s expansive list of first party audiences, like Outdoor Enthusiasts, Beach Lovers, Budget Hotel Visitors, Car Owners, and more.
Location Audience Targeting
Accurately reached potential travelers who displayed visitation patterns to location categories such as Beaches, Campgrounds, and Fishing and Hunting Lodges.
Location Targeting
Connected with travelers and residents across the south and northeast regions of the U.S.
Weather Triggering
Provided contextually relevant, tailored, and timely messaging to potential travelers based on the local weather.

Tactical Strategies -
Omnichannel Spotlight

This omnichannel campaign included ads running on mobile, desktop and CTV which allowed Martin County Office of Tourism to retarget consumers across multiple touchpoints along the consumer journey.

Video Completion Rate (VCR) was extremely high, with a 94% VCR on CTV, highlighting the effectiveness of CTV ads in contributing to brand-building efforts, especially in the travel & tourism vertical.
Hours of screen time for CTV ads was at an impressive 1,648 showing significant user reach.

Real Business Results

GroundTruth drove a total of 1,005 actualized visits to Martin County, with a noteworthy click-through rate of 0.42%. Moreover, the campaign proved to be extremely cost conscious for the travel & tourism vertical, with an effective $27.94 cost per actual visit to the destination. GroundTruth’s strategies had a wide-reaching impact as well, with over 4.4 million impressions.
Targeting related location categories such as Golf Courses, Resorts, and Live Theatres proved particularly successful. Meanwhile, Parents and Outdoor Enthusiasts were more engaged and outperformed other audience groups in both click-through rate and visitation rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of leveraging audiences with a higher likelihood of enjoying Martin County’s natural attractions and outdoor offerings.
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