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This auto dealer group used GroundTruth tactical strategies to drive a high volume of visits, while also maintaining an effective cost per visit.
This auto dealer group, located in central Canada, wanted to increase foot traffic and drive more sales.

Most auto dealerships have a common objective of seeking to increase visits from audiences who are in-market to buy. A common obstacle, however, is how to maintain a low cost per visit, as consumers who visit an auto dealership on-site often do not end up making a purchase during the first visit. Throughout a two-year time period, GroundTruth helped this auto dealer group reach key audiences who were more likely to make a purchase. The success of our strategies also led to a long-term, effective cost per visit for multiple auto dealerships.

Real-World Solutions

Behavioral Audience Targeting enabled the dealer group to connect with key audience segments whose behaviors indicated potential interest in visiting various auto dealerships.

Custom Audience Targeting allowed the dealer group to reach custom-built audiences based on specific criteria. This custom audience group was also subsequently retargeted to keep the brand top of mind and continue to influence the target shopper further down the conversion funnel.

Frequency Capping, which limits the number of times a creative ad is served to a single user, was applied as well to ensure that impressions were served to a wider audience, increasing unique reach.


Real Business Results

As a result of this strategic targeting, GroundTruth helped this auto dealer group drive a total of 5,412 visits over two years. In addition to a high volume of visits, this campaign also exhibited effective cost per visit. 

This auto dealer was able to lower their media spend, get relevant audiences to visit dealerships, and maintain steady conversion rates to increase the return on ad spend. Because of the consistent success of past campaigns, this partner continues to activate with GroundTruth to drive measurable results for their dealers.

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