How BMW used location technology to
drive luxury consumers to local dealerships

For BMW in the UK, driving awareness to its 7 Series model was about more than just publishing sleek ads for a luxury audience. To engage with its target consumer base, the renowned car manufacturer turned to mobile location technology to spark engagement with the right audience segment and direct customers from competing luxury dealers to BMW lots.


Our location solutions.

Location Targeting in proximity to competitor dealerships was used to increase brand awareness amongst the luxury car buying audience.

Audience Targeting using Experian data was leveraged to identify and then reach high-income individuals and luxury car drivers at home.

Retargeting audience members previously exposed to the BMW 7 Series ad unit was also implemented to re-engage with them throughout the day.

A Store Visitation beta study using GroundTruth Blueprints technology, was used to measure footfall of exposed users.

Creation of high-impact, expandable banners was given as added value.

Real results.

Case Study / BMW

Location-based proximity targeting successfully reached BMW UK’s core audience with the highest expansion rate, 3% above benchmark and indexed highest for driving people to BMW UK dealerships.

Audience Targeting was also important for driving deeper engagement and brand awareness, which is key for a considered purchase, such as a car. Audiences had the strongest engagement rates, which were 10% higher than proximity.

1 %

above benchmark expansion rate

1 %

increase in engagement rates