Insights to Agency Success

Learn how one of our successful agency client achieved 9x Return on Ad Spend.

Are your clients able to target visitors to their competitors’ locations or track in-store visits driven by digital marketing? For digital marketers, it is increasingly important to measure and report in-store visits driven by your online campaigns.

In our “Insights to Agency Success” webinar, Ad Strategist Nick Jones did a deep dive into successful campaigns with agency clients Comporium and PureDriven. The case studies uncover how these agencies leveraged location marketing to drive in-store visits, with one of our partners achieving a 9X Return on Ad Spend for their clients. Watch now to learn how you can leverage these tactics to set up impactful campaigns for your clients.

Key Learnings:

  • Key tactics that drove 9x Return on Ad Spend for one agency
  • How to set up Audience Targeting and Location Targeting tactics for your clients in Ads Manager
  • How to report in-store visits driven by digital marketing campaigns

Nick Jones
Account Executive, Platform Sales