Media Mixes Proven To Drive Foot Traffic

Learn from GroundTruth customers' proven success how to create a media mix that will drive real business results, like in-store visits.

Identifying the right media mix for any company gets more difficult every year. Marketers need to consider their budget for each campaign and audience segment. They constantly question whether more money should be spent on new customers or repeat customers, through which channel.

To simplify, marketers start to focus on digital performance metrics, such as click-through rates, because they are easier to understand and pull attribution from. Over time, media plans start to move away from the offline performance metrics that matter most to executives, like in-store visits and increased foot traffic. 

Those real business results are what GroundTruth obsesses over. We drive digital performance metrics too, but the reason customers continue to trust us with their campaigns is because we know how to deliver those results that impact the bottom line. 

Based on our customers’ recent success, we’ve put together a few media mixes that are proven to drive foot traffic that you can use right now. Let’s get into it!

Video Mobile Marketing and Retargeting Ads Build Trust with Research-Heavy Customers

For companies selling large ticket items, the obstacle they face for driving foot traffic is the research phase of the customer journey. Buying a car, for example, is likely the most expensive purchases a person will make. They want to make sure they know what’s available to them and which car fits their needs best before they ever step foot on a lot. 

Mobile video ads tend to work incredibly well for customers in the research phase. Not only do video ads capture attention quickly, they also demonstrate the value of the product in a way that is impossible with words alone. When combined with retargeting ads, companies ensure that their products stay top of mind throughout the research phase. Soon, their product becomes the standard against which the customer compares any new car. 
GroundTruth customer Alpha Media was able to leverage this media mix to drive 17 visits to one of their locations in just over two months, resulting a $24.68 cost per visit. To learn more about their strategy, read their full case study.

Hyper-Local Ad Targeting Helps Converts Ambivalent Customers

Another common obstacle companies face while trying to drive in-store visits is capturing customers before they choose the competition. For example, many customers will wait until the last minute to choose which restaurant they want to go to for lunch. If you’re a restaurant owner, how do you capture attention at the right moment so they choose your location? 

For GroundTruth customer Dave’s Hot Chicken, the strategy was a mix of hyper-local targeting along with an incredible brand marketing campaign. First, the team invested in national awareness campaigns that highlighted their incredible product and loyal customer base. Then, they set their sites on customers who weren’t yet loyal—people who were likely to go to the competition. 
By targeting those individuals when they entered the retail block for each location, Dave’s Hot Chicken was able to drive almost 1,400 visits during a month-long campaign. Because in-store visits also result in more purchases, the team was able to earn a 7.8% increase in sales.

Connected TV and Location-Based Campaigns Build Awareness while Driving Foot Traffic

Finally, if your company sells products that can be enjoyed by entire households, like a beverage, sometimes the most effective media is to get outside of mobile ads and onto bigger channels. A digital out-of-home ad or a connected TV (CTV) ad can go a long way to convince customers to visit stores that carry their products because they capture an entire household’s attention at once.

While mobile ads have a personal experience, CTV ads can get a whole household talking about what they should buy on their next visit to the store, for example. And when combined with on-premise targeting, not only can companies drive visits, but they can also convert customers while they’re in the store. 

That’s exactly what Yachak Organic Tea did to drive over 241,000 visits to retail stores during their campaign with GroundTruth. 

Drive More In-Store Visits with GroundTruth

If you need to get real business results, like in-store visits, you need GroundTruth. Contact us today and we can get you set up to launch the right media plan for your team.